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InfraRed Roof Scan


Nondestructive inspections for flat and low-slope roofs

Flat and low-slope roofs on commercial buildings can be a special challenge for those responsible for their maintenance. At Lindsey Construction and Design we use an infrared scanner to create surveys of flat and low slope roofs that identify where moisture is trapped within the roof. This service is free and can dramatically reduce the cost of repairing a flat or low slope roof.

What is infrared thermal imaging?

Infrared scanning of a roof is a nondestructive way to determine whether moisture has permeated a roof. The scan can identify pockets of moisture, wet insulation and wet joists by testing residual heat on the roof’s surface.  The roof of a building absorbs heat from the sun during daylight hours and then cools due to radiational cooling at night. Wet areas, however, will retain heat longer than dry areas. Infrared thermal imaging will create a picture that illustrates uneven cooling over the roof. Areas that have retained heat potentially could need repairs to prevent seeping or leaking.

The technology uses state of the art cameras to detect the differences in heat loss across the roof, sometimes actually pinpointing the location of a leak.

A huge cost savings

Infrared imaging has proven to be an effective means of identifying potential moisture problems with flat and low slope roofs before a leak is visible inside a building. By using the “map” provided by the scan, we can target individual damp areas for inspection and repair before extensive damage results from a leak.

Business owners with flat and low slope roofs have traditionally been faced with water damage inside their businesses, followed by major structural work on their roofs, with virtually no warning that the roof had begun to fail. Infrared thermal imaging is a huge cost savings to these business owners, as the scan detects moisture long before the ceiling begins to leak inside the building. Repairs then can be confined to specific areas that have begun to fail. Such proactive repairs also may serve to maintain the roof at its maximum efficiency over a longer period of time, reducing energy costs for your business.

Ask our staff about scheduling a FREE infrared roof scan for your flat or low slope roof.