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Lead Abatement


Lead paint removal service in Akron, Ohio

Lead naturally exists in our environment, but in higher doses it can be highly toxic, especially to children. Unfortunately, lead was frequently used in the past in such things as gasoline, paint, ceramics, plumbing and batteries. The greatest source of exposure today is from lead-based paint, which was widely used in homes and offices prior to 1978.

Stay aware of lead

Because of the prevalence of lead in older homes and office buildings, children and adults alike are at risk for lead exposure. Peeling paint on walls, trim and moving parts of windows can create lead dust, or old layers of paint may be disturbed during renovations. Because of the health impact lead can have on humans, especially pregnant women and growing children, it is best to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.

Lead Abatement

The trained professionals at Lindsey Construction and Design are available to help you if you believe your home or office may be a source of lead exposure. Our staff members are certified in lead abatement and can identify, contain and remove lead hazards before they become a danger.

Lead abatement should never be attempted by a homeowner or contractor who is not certified in the proper procedure for removing and containing lead.

Rely on Lindsey Construction to keep your home or business safe. Our technicians will check for potential lead-based products before you start a renovation project, then provide you with an estimate for safe removal, should we find any potential contaminants.

Our services include:

Lead removal
Lead abatement service
Lead-based paint removal
Interior and exterior lead stabilization