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Taking care of storm damage

Sometimes your siding simply needs a few repairs to bring back the neat, clean appearance it once had. Whether the damage is the result of an accident, age or a storm, Lindsey Construction technicians will assess your problem and take care of it.

We are your experts when it comes to wind and hail damage. Our technicians understand what to look for even in cases where hail damage is subtle. They can assess the age and quality of siding to determine areas of weakness, thereby identifying specific storm damage and, in some cases, helping you avoid future damage to your siding.

Our experts can inspect your home or business for aging siding and siding that has been heavily exposed to hot sun and strong wind. In both cases, this siding may be more prone to damage from hail and wind, and depending upon the condition of the siding, it may be advisable to replace it before a storm causes more damage. Our professionals also can advise you on better grades of siding that can withstand stronger storms in these vulnerable locations.

Taking the stress out of an insurance claim

Whether a storm does significant damage to your home or business, or damage of the more minor variety, an insurance claim is inevitable. Rely on Lindsey Construction to take the guesswork out of the process. We handle all the details so you can take care of your business or family.

Our professionals have extensive experience identifying even subtle hail damage and presenting it to insurance companies so there is no question as to your compensation. Our staff members know what hail damage looks like, from deep gouges to small cracks and chips. They are trained to search locations on your siding that are more likely to be mechanical damage (a rock or a neighbor’s golf ball) and identify differences in appearance and location when the damage is caused by hail. Our experts examine your whole home or business so that your insurance company has a full explanation of the storm damage you have suffered.

Trust your siding project to Lindsey Construction. Whether you need repairs, a storm damage assessment or full siding replacement, our professionals can help you bring your home or business back to the condition and appearance you desire.

Financing is now available through our partnership with Home Improvement Loan Pros. Ask us how we can help you plan and budget your project. 

Siding installation in Akron, Ohio

Quality siding can dramatically change the appearance of your home or business. Professionally installed siding freshens a dated appearance as well as protecting your investment. The experts at Lindsey Construction and Design can help you get the look you want for your home or business, whether you need siding repair or siding replacement in Akron, Ohio.

Properly installed, quality siding is crucial to protecting the exterior of your home or office. At Lindsey Construction we recommend Kaycan siding for its quality and variety. Choose from a range of colors and styles in vinyl, aluminum and engineered wood, as well as accessories for a full facelift for your home. Our professionals work with you to choose the perfect look that fits your budget. For more information about Kaycan products, click here.