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Wind Damage

Most homeowners know you don’t need rain or hail to cause serious damage. Sometimes just wind alone, or the debris carried in the wind, is enough to cause big problems.  The experts at Lindsey Construction are available to help when wind damage occurs. Our technicians can quickly get your problem repaired before additional damage can occur to the exposed areas of your home.

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Even when wind damage is obvious, hiring an expert assures that no damage is missed and you receive full compensation from your insurance company. The professionals at Lindsey Construction go beyond looking at the obvious. We complete a detailed inspection of your property and identify potential debris that could have impacted your home or blown across your roof and caused less obvious damage. We get on your roof for an up-close inspection so that nothing is missed.

After a severe wind storm, damage to your home may be quite obvious. An inspection of your roof from the ground may show shingles, or entire sections of shingles missing from your roof. Aluminum siding may be peeled back or missing completely from exterior walls. Vinyl siding may be cracked or show holes where debris carried in the wind hit your home.

Unfortunately, even a small area of missing shingle or siding exposes material and insulation beneath to moisture that can quickly lead to damaging leaks. Such damage must be repaired quickly to avoid facing even more expensive repairs later.

Our staff members work with you from inspection, to insurance claim, to final repairs. We understand what your insurance company needs and we ascertain you get full compensation and an efficient repair so you do not face additional damage and expense.