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Why replace your windows?

  • Increased Home Value
  • Improved Appearance
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Transferable Window Warranty
  • Improved Sound Insulation
  • Increased Damaged Resistance
  • Mold and Mildew Protection
  • Upgraded Window Hardware
  • Increased protection from UV rays

Whatever your reason, let Lindsey Construction handle the details and get you the quality replacement windows you deserve.

Experts in storm damage

Our technicians have seen what storms can do to your windows. Hail may not break the glass, but dent and compromise frames, causing broken seals and possibly leading to rot within the wood framing around your window. Damage that appears minor may have compromised the structural integrity of your window and lead to serious problems down the road.

At Lindsey Construction we have extensive experience identifying damaged windows and working with insurance companies in cases where you may have coverage. Our specially trained restoration consultants walk you through the process so you know where you stand.

Replacement windows in Akron, Ohio

Whether your windows are old, inefficient or damaged, Lindsey Construction and Design can help you save money and improve the appearance of your home or business with quality replacement windows in Akron, Ohio. Increased value of your home and reduced energy bills are an immediate benefit, but you also are protecting your investment.

Older windows may be more vulnerable to damage, and even minor, nearly invisible damage can lead to bigger problems with your windows, including broken seals, failure of insulated glass units and rot. At Lindsey Construction, we offer a free assessment showing you the condition of your windows, where damage may have occurred and how we can improve your value and comfort.