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Lindsey Construction F.A.Q.


Lindsey Construction & Design, Inc. is a qualified, insured and bonded General Contractor in Akron, Ohio specializing in repair and replacement of residential roofs that have incurred weather or accident damage. If your home has been damaged, we will work with you to review adjuster summary reports and evaluate if the damage has been properly assessed and recorded. We will accept your insurance claim payment and your deductible.


Lindsey Construction & Design, Inc. provides estimates. Contact us to see what your particular project may require. If you are unsure whether you need any work, start by giving us a call and allowing us to visit your home, give your property a full assessment review and make any other suggestions that would help with your claim. Lindsey Construction specializes in residential roofing, but we can take care of all of your home remodeling needs from insulation to kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Insurance Claim Assistance:

Never processed a claim before? We can help! Large claims will most likely necessitate the completion of several forms, which may require notarization. Your only cost will be your insurance deductible in most cases.


In order to represent you in your claim and to complete the work specified in your claim, we require the completion of an Insurance Repair Contingency Contract. This agreement gives Lindsey Construction & Design, Inc. the authority to work with your insurance company and the assigned adjuster, to discuss all aspects of the claim, make adjustments if necessary and to complete the work specified if the claim is processed successfully. If needed, we will inspect damage with the adjuster to help make sure all damage is accurately recorded and properly assessed, on your behalf.


Do I have to pay Lindsey Construction & Design, Inc. for their claims assistance?

NO! We will assist you with your claim from start to finish at no cost to you! Our claim management program is a complimentary service we provide to all of our customers. Call today and we will be happy the help you start your claims process.

Should I call my insurance company before I call a roofing company?

Usually not. In many cases an insurance company will consider it a claim against your policy even if you don’t get a penny. Every time they go out, they count it as a claim. In most cases it is wise to have us take a look at your roof first. We can make sure your home is eligible for a claim before you call your insurance company, so as not to waste the insurance company’s time. If there is damage, we will also be happy to meet your insurance adjuster and make sure the specifications of your claim are correct. The way a claim is filed can often affect the way it is settled. Please call us before you call your insurance company and we will make sure you get started the right way.

Can I get the depreciation back?

In most cases, yes. Usually, residential policy claims have depreciation which is initially withheld. Unfortunately, many homeowners never have recoverable depreciation explained to them and as a result, they will commonly miss out on thousands of dollars of their claim. After the work is completed, we will help you work with your insurance company. We will provide them with all the necessary paperwork which will usually allow you to get ALL of the depreciation refunded! There are many small details and variables which apply to each specific claim.

What if Lindsey Construction & Design's Quote is higher than the insurance company estimate?

While this rarely happens, if it does, we guarantee to install your repairs per the insurance company’s specifications and pricing.
Please call us today and see what we can do for you.

Can I avoid paying my deductible?

No. To attempt to do so constitutes criminal insurance fraud.
Don’t see your question answered here? Contact our office for assistance.


For most of our customers, this is the first time they have had a new roof installed on their home. This information is provided to help familiarize you with what to expect and prepare for during the installation process. There is no way a home can be restored without some inconvenience and interruption of your normal routine, but we can make every effort to keep those interruptions to a minimum.

Here’s what you can typically expect to happen when your home is in the restoration process:

  • Sign: A sign will be placed on your property at the beginning of installation to your home. We are proud of the work we do and this is one of our most effective means of advertising.
  • Trees & Bushes: If you have low-hanging branches over your roof, some trimming will be necessary. Our men will cut back only the branches that limit their ability to do an efficient and quality job. In some cases where the shape of the tree is particularly important, you may wish to have the tree trimmed before the job begins.
  • Light Fixtures, Wall Fixtures: These could fall if not firmly attached to walls or ceilings. We suggest that you check all light fixtures, pictures and mirrors to make sure they are secure. If in doubt, take them down. We will not assume any responsibility for damage to these items as a result of installation.
  • Tear-Off: When it is necessary to remove your existing roofing, some debris, shingle granules, nails, staples and/or shingles, may fall through the sheathing boards. We suggest covering or removing any items which require protection. Detail cleaning in the attic space and garage is not included in our contract bid.
  • Access: The contract price is computed so as to use driveways, walkways and/or side access to yards for equipment while work is being performed. If this is not acceptable, please notify us immediately so that an adjustment in your contract price can be made for additional labor costs & a new plan of production can be drawn up.
  • Antennas: We will detach and reset antennas. We will not be responsible for physical damage or poor reception of the replaced unit.
  • Gutters: We will take every precaution to ensure your gutters are not damaged. The roofing process however may result in small scratches or dings in light gauge aluminum gutters. We cannot be responsible for these minor dents and dings.
  • Clean Up: All crews are trained and required to clean up any and all debris, roofing nails, tarps, tape, caulk, shingles, etc… that may fall from the rooftop during the restoration process. We suggest you do a ‘walk through’ when the job is complete to go over any concerns that may be noticeable.
  • Excess Materials: Our proposals are based on a completed job. Any surplus material remains the property of Lindsey Construction & Design, Inc.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Contact: While we are working at your home, you will be provided 24-Hour Emergency contact information in order to contact our team should you have any concerns or problems that arise during the installation process.